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Powerful. Inspirational. Beauty told with Excellence and the Word of GOD

Tiffany Young

5.0 out of 5 stars The Heart of DETERMINATION

I hardly knew what I was getting into when I began “The Harvest.” Merci’s story of triumph and strength was really inspiring. I have only seen one woman in my life that has had similar experiences in her life. With Merci, I see that a lot of women have been through the same trials and tribulation, but not many have come out of it as a fighter like she has. Merci takes us on a journey through her life, but she inspires women with her story, scripture and uplifting coaching.

Karen L. Malena

4.0 out of 5 stars Lovely Words

"I can see the author's love of the Lord reflected in her lovely words. Beautifully told, sound scripture. This author truly has a heart for God. She certainly has been through much in her life, and though I would have liked to hear more about the feelings she had going through her hardships, the book touches on the most important parts giving God the glory for getting her through. Excellent questions at the end for study groups."

Rachael G

4.0 out of 5 stars A Journey to accepting whose you are

I received this book a few months ago, and its taken me a while to read it because I had to take moments of pause and reflect on my life. The strength that comes from telling your story and standing in your truth is powerful. This book is raw and honest and you will appreciate her transparency. I invite anyone who feels their lives lack direction and that they have so many struggles happening, they can't understand why. See how God works through Merci's life, and use that as confirmation that he hasn't left you.

The Harvest by Merci McKinley

Merci McKinley delivers a sincere, emotional, and very personal inspirational memoir with "The Harvest." While designed to empower and encourage women (which it certainly does), Christian men and men of Faith will also benefit greatly upon reading. Merci McKinley truly bears her soul as she shares many of her deepest and most personal testimonies of struggle, despair, and heartache. In each case she gracefully shows every woman how her Christianity and Faith in God allowed her to overcome and excel, and how he can and will do the same for them.

           Through her own trials and tribulations, Merci McKinley eloquently conveys the message to women; that no matter what you're going through, God will see you through it if you allow Him. Every inch of "The Harvest" is motivational; from the Intro to the original poetry at the back of the book--you will be uplifted. Every man and woman should own "The Harvest."

F. Kenneth Taylor ~ Owner / Creator

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